Friday, February 27, 2009

Win a free download of your choice Vol 2

Ok time to give away another Alterna Download of your choice. So we were in the backcountry the other day and I saw something pretty bizarre in a photo I took. First one to point out what is unique in this photo wins.

Deep one...

Yesterday was probably the deepest day of the year we spent a good part of the morning getting to the alpine but once we were there it was on. Everyone got shots so that element of the day went really well; however, at the end of the day for some reason Scarth's sled wouldnt run, so we had to double him out. Long day but very productive need to bag a few more of these days in the next few before we leave to Europe.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's been crazy

It's been a crazy past couple of weeks - Ullr has blessed us with snow, and blue skies; but just as quickly as they come - they disappear. . .

We've been making the best of our winter though, having frequent interior trips, and plenty of Whistler backcountry sessions! We've recently teamed up with Sims rider Gaetan Chanut, Billabong rider Benji Ritchie, and Nikita rider Vera Janssen, adding a few new faces to already familiar Alterna Films Crew.

Matt Belzile has returned back from the "Ante Up" at C.O.P. in Calgary after placing fifth and winning some money!

Tadej Valentan has just left Whistler to embark on a European trip with outerwear sponsor Horsefeathers ! Look out for him on the road - I think he took his new bike!

- Rob

Where is Gizo?

Anybody seen this guy around? One of the funniest Japanese photographers I have ever met. He has his own Dvd extra in Knockout called Gizo VS Grizzly Lake. I gotta find him he left his board and other stuff at my house.

Knockout nominated 3 times at X Dance

Knockout was selected earlier this year to go to the X-dance Film Festival. We were in categories along side some amazing titles such as Thats it Thats all and Forum or Against em in the end we were stoked to take 3 nominations for Cinematography, Soundtrack and Core film.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Belzy & the Breakers

Here are a few pics from a rail mission with Belzile in early Jan. Belzy slayed the rail and we had a few kids who were break dancers in training put on a clinic with some moves to inspire our late night extravaganza.

The Reve Stain.

We spent some time in Revelstoke early this winter and stayed at our customary $15 a night motel. As a bonus we received this beauty of a stain on our in suite jacuzzi.

Win a free download of your choice...

Ok lets give away a free Alterna Films download of your choice. We were rummaging through Duffs old stuff and came across this
dandy of a poster. First person to correctly tell us what is wrong with this poster wins. We made the first give away a breeze.

Dufficy in K Town

Welcome to our 2009 Blogspot we will be uploading images and videos throughout the season to keep you well informed about our 2009 release.

Here are a few pics from an early rail mission with Chris Dufficy in his home town of Kamloops B.C. Many thanks to DUffs parents Kaz and Tony for their amazing hospitality and fine meals.

We got kicked out of a few rails and had some time on our hands. As you can see cabin fever kicked in and Geoff Andriuk made the best our spare time in K town with a few images of Duffs ever expanding body art.