Friday, March 19, 2010

Hows your Aspen?

Alterna Films riders Chris Rasman, Wiley Tesseo, Craig Beaulieu and Jesmond Dubeau enjoy a few sunny fun filled days at Buttermilk in Aspen.
Wiley Tesseo pressing hard for school boy Chris Rasman

Thumbs up for the Bucket Cam

T-Dubs on The GoPro, Craig Beaulieu on the upside down line in The Aspen mini 3 pack.

Jesmond dubeau about to drop backside on Wiley Tesseo's face.

Alterna's new filmer.

Jesmond throwin' down 
jussi gets juicy.

Wiley sending it large!

It's spring time again, that means a little more of this view at the end of good session in the sun.

The Boys get ready to send it.

Jussi gettin' all creative

Wiley Tesseo front 3 alleyoop in the Public park.

Chris Rasman getting classic in Aspen.

Play time for Wiley Tesseo.

Aspen Village at Night

LA Sunrise

Birdy Eye view from the plane.

Jussi Trying to bag some hours till the next flight.

Where to next?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marius makes the front page of Norwegian News...

Marius made the front page of the Norwegian News this morning for being in the Earthquake we experienced on our trip to Turkey.

Shorts interview on ESPNs website...

Check out Dave Shorts interview recently posted on ESPNs website

Te sekkür ederim Turkey!

Our trip to Turkey is now officially over but the good times continue. We have experienced an unforgettable trip here with snow storms, earthquakes, 80 km/h winds, missiles, snowfleas, Bargaining at the Grand Bazaar, threats with knives, countless inquisitive stares from the locals, unparalleled hospitality, raki, 5 star hotels, Turkish Hamans and pretty much the most contrasting of cultural experiences one can imagine outside of North America.

For more information about booking your trip to the land of the Turkey contact:

Never seen so many cats in a city before these felines are stuffed by the locals with chunks of fish.

Wiley and Rasman join a group of kids for a game of futbol which is one of national pastimes here in Turkey the other is camel wrestling.


A tasty catch so many fish restaurants.

Short never stops exploring....

Here we are with our English buddy Mungo getting loose on the last night .

Thats not milk we are drinking its Raki.

Bataleon rider and team manager locked by their pinkys in Turkey, no big deal.

We found Nemo.
Rasman calling to check the weather back in Whistler...

Wiley teaching the locals a new dance move.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Face shots in Turkey

Its been an awesome stay in Turkey. partying it up, meeting new people, hitting kickers and scoring some freshies. Riding with the Alterna crew has been fun times!! Stoked to be riding with new fresh meat and getting to know these crazy Canucks! Phil Tifo killed it on the organizing and Carlo is making magic happen!
A couple of more days in Ezerum and then heading back to Istanbul to get lose again(:

Shred the gnar!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pow and Huka!

It puuuked last night and the snow fleas are DEAD!

The crew after some well deserved pow lines.

Dont really know how to explain this one... Nese making us famous in the authentic Turkish heritage homes .

....then they insisted WE DANCE. Turkey style!

Letting loose after the heated dance party.. We could get use to this.

Erzurum has been around since 4000BC. This is a small fragment of it. the top towers origin story: engineer vs. student. they both build one tower, the student built the better one, so the engineer suicides, then the student feels remorse and suicides as well! Crazy huh!?

Oh yes. Tifo aka Brad Pit, after some turkish pow slashes.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow fleas & Missiles? in Erzurum...

We have scoped the palandoken mountain and come across a few projects for the next few days. The crew went in to town after our day on the hill and spent some time at the newly developed Erzurum ice rink. Thanks to Phil Tifo and the Turkey Tourism board for making this trip possible.

Little villa on the resort. Weve been told that this has been passed down through the same family for 500 years.

Day 2.. Instead of fresh snow we get 400 billion snow fleas blown in from, "bug-aria"... good one Short.

WTF ? Pretty sure these are not planes.. Were are boarding Iraq..

Come to Turkey to go ice skating? A blast, even with rounded blades of glory and buckles that unstrap themselves every 2 minutes.

Shorty killing it on a pair of high end Turkish skates.

Rasman with a creepy look. Nice sticker on the Turkish hockey stick, this kid rocks.

Marius giving us the Blue Steel.

Russians fans at the peak of Palandoken.