Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Te sekkür ederim Turkey!

Our trip to Turkey is now officially over but the good times continue. We have experienced an unforgettable trip here with snow storms, earthquakes, 80 km/h winds, missiles, snowfleas, Bargaining at the Grand Bazaar, threats with knives, countless inquisitive stares from the locals, unparalleled hospitality, raki, 5 star hotels, Turkish Hamans and pretty much the most contrasting of cultural experiences one can imagine outside of North America.

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Never seen so many cats in a city before these felines are stuffed by the locals with chunks of fish.

Wiley and Rasman join a group of kids for a game of futbol which is one of national pastimes here in Turkey the other is camel wrestling.


A tasty catch so many fish restaurants.

Short never stops exploring....

Here we are with our English buddy Mungo getting loose on the last night .

Thats not milk we are drinking its Raki.

Bataleon rider and team manager locked by their pinkys in Turkey, no big deal.

We found Nemo.
Rasman calling to check the weather back in Whistler...

Wiley teaching the locals a new dance move.


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