Friday, March 19, 2010

Hows your Aspen?

Alterna Films riders Chris Rasman, Wiley Tesseo, Craig Beaulieu and Jesmond Dubeau enjoy a few sunny fun filled days at Buttermilk in Aspen.
Wiley Tesseo pressing hard for school boy Chris Rasman

Thumbs up for the Bucket Cam

T-Dubs on The GoPro, Craig Beaulieu on the upside down line in The Aspen mini 3 pack.

Jesmond dubeau about to drop backside on Wiley Tesseo's face.

Alterna's new filmer.

Jesmond throwin' down 
jussi gets juicy.

Wiley sending it large!

It's spring time again, that means a little more of this view at the end of good session in the sun.

The Boys get ready to send it.

Jussi gettin' all creative

Wiley Tesseo front 3 alleyoop in the Public park.

Chris Rasman getting classic in Aspen.

Play time for Wiley Tesseo.

Aspen Village at Night

LA Sunrise

Birdy Eye view from the plane.

Jussi Trying to bag some hours till the next flight.

Where to next?

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  1. Great job on the photos guys, you rock! Can't wait to see this years DVD ! Next week right? hehe, I'm sure you have a lot to edit. Take care.