Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bosnia...Here we Come!

Packed up the van and headed South through Croatia and into Bosnia. Roads were covered with snow and our 8hour drive took us 12. The border crossing into Bosnia was very difficult, we almost had to spend the night in the van but with the right paper work and $fee$ for bringing in our generator we made it through!

If you like MEAT+CHEESE+BREAD! You will love Sarejevo! That lovely combination of carbs and protien is served
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (NO EXCEPTIONS!).

After Our breakfast of you know what, we headed to Jahorina to hit up a local resort. The locals here are afraid of powder and stay on the groomers which makes for good times for us! Started dumping in the evening and continued all night in the city. Small change of plans and we have decided to do some jibbing for the next couple of days.

Until later, don't take your vegies for granted...

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