Sunday, April 4, 2010

tailgate ALASKA and king of the hill

we're in ALASKA !!!

After the craziest drive ever (4 days of running into EVERY problem you could think of!), Dave Short, Hock, Josh and I finally made it to the Thompson Pass Parking lot that will be our home for the next two weeks. We are RV-camping and shredding with legends Nick Perata, Julie Zell, Mike Basich, Shawn Farmer, and contemporary heros like Travis Rice, Landvik, and Dave Short :)
yesterday was the King Of The Hill, which i successfully completed even though my right knee is pet-dinosaur-purple and the size of a fat chick.
might have had a little sledding incident, going a bit too fast down these.... was almost gonna say "hills" but i guess i learned the hard way that they are huge MOUNTAINS.
practicing patience right now...

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there will be constant updates as well as some cool videos uploaded straight from Thompson Pass !!!

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