Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grouse Session Great Success...

2 Days of shredding at Grouse concluded last night at are around midnight with probably our most productive Grouse Session to date. Day one started of pretty mellow with exception of a few close decapitations. Day 2 started off with a step up session that we have considered doing for quite some time. We were not sure if the crew would have enough speed to make the step up but as we discovered their was plenty some serious hammers were thrown down. The day ended with a dismal effort from the Vancouver Canucks but soon was forgotten when we got into our night session. Thank You to Bern & Jonathan from Atomic2 Creative Lighting these guys lit the NBC Today show during the Olympics the lights were sick.

HUGE shout out to Grouse Mountain especially the entire Grouse Park Crew that came out to help these guys came up with all the park designs and followed through with little to no sleep. These guys killed it!

Tifo Ann and Bruce no stress and loving every minute of it.

Craig Rasman Cj and BBell reviewing craigers double something

Tadej enjoying a true Beer. Its definitely not UNION

Yes he did...

Spring session celebrating with Jesse Fox, Dufficy, The Flower and Dwatt

Duff the chiropractor

El Rojo
Night Session
Bienvenue Johnny Lyall
Chuck D gets harnessed in Kilimanjaro style to climb 2 and a half feet.

Definitely a bothersome look in this pic.

Bern from Atomic2 Creative lighting
Over and out.


  1. sick .. cant wait to see some footy

  2. Super!!! Good to see the fellas!