Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunset Glacier Heli Shoot

Just finished a very successful sunset Heli shoot on the Whistler Glacier. We have been planning this shoot for quite some time now and finally all the pieces came together and we had a perfect day to get into the bird and get a few last shots for our film Hello World.

Riders Chris Dufficy, Jesmond Dubeau and Chris Rasman were sessioning the perfectly cut Billabong Ante jump. We teamed up with Darren Rayner on this shoot so we had a crew of about 7 riders in total sessioning. The session started off with a warm up double back late 180 (looked like a double late bs rodeo) from Duff no big deal. The session lasted for about an hour and a half and we tried filming for our first time with a RED camera from the heli and another on the ground. Stay tuned to SBC for more info on what we were trying with the camera operated by Bryant Bell on the ground (could be a first if all things come together).

Jesmond and his unstoppable energy was killing it late into the evening look out for a stand out segment from Jes in this years film.

Stay tuned for behind the scenes stories from both SBC magazine and

Thanks to Fabia and Ken at Camp of Champions, Andy at Blackcomb Aviation, Ryan Proctor at Whistler Blackcomb, Darren Rayner at Volourez and to all the crew that helped this session a huge success.

Teaser out later today


Lovin the sunset

Camp Of Champs

Rasman Jesmond and Duff gettin ready for a late night

Andy from Blackcomb Helis getting us right close to Jes

Jes mid sw bs 1080

Session over bring out the PBRs