Saturday, May 7, 2011

The team together at last!

We made it to Akuyeri. 5hr drive along the west coast of the island heading north from Reykjavik.

Our Cabin is amazing. We got a hookup through Hallldor Helgason’s Grand Mother.

Our first day of riding consisted of a serious river crossing. We took our boots off and braved the glacier run off to get to a patch of snow we scoped from the road. The snow line is quite high so we need to hike to everything.

Second day of riding we went with arctic heli skiing ( for a bump up to the top. JB and his crew are super nice guys! Great views and great weather. What more can you ask for! At the end of the day we boarded down to the bottom of the snow line and hiked out to the jeep. 16hr day and daylight the enire time. Got home at 11pm and there was still tons of light in the sky!

We are all so beat today. Going for a hot tub in some natural hot springs between to 2 continental plates. After our relaxation time we are going to hit a rail up by one of the resorts!

Until later,
As long as we can find some internet!

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  1. Base on the photos, I could really tell that you all enjoy your getaway. Anyway, I'm looking forward to read your articles.