Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alterna Invades Aspen

So the boys are on the road again!  This time, we're traveling to the YOU ES OF EH !  Alterna riders Matt Belzile, Craig Beaulieu, Logan Haubrich; SBC Photographer John Scarth, and Alterna filmer Robert Brunton, were in attendance.  Like everything planned to perfection, this trip soon turned into a gongshow. . . 
Belzile had a layover in Arizona and was suppost to get in an hour after Scarth, Brunts, and Logan.  Beaulieu had arrived TEN hours prior to us, and when we got there, he was nowhere in sight.  No cellphone, no way of contact, airport pages wern't working - we were stressing out - Where is Beaulieu ?!  We waited two hours.  It was now 12:30 am, so we went to our rental Toyota Sienna, and got the fuck outta Denver before we got shot!
About an hour into our drive, we got pulled over for speeding.  Good ol' Johnny Scarth sweettalked our automatic courtdate and $250us ticket, into a $90 and a kiss goodbye.  It's now 430am.  We have arrived in Aspen, after coordinating our driving through Brunton's GPS on his phone, because he obviously forgot his real one in his truck.  We drop our gear in the hall and claim beds and crash.
Our 930am start was pushed back until 1230, when our eyes finally opened.  We got our gear and headed over to Buttermilk Mtn.  The great thing about Aspen is that you pay ONE FEE for FOUR MOUNTAINS! We shredded the most ridiculous, longest fucking parkline ever on Buttermilk!  They have a great park director; Greg Boyd - This line takes you seven minutes of the most funriding ever.  Endless raillines, massive jumplines, and tons of fun features top to bottom, scattered this hil.  At an altitude of 9,000ft about sealevel, the thin air really gets to you - Not to mention the +17C temperature heating you up! We hit the jumps all the way through sunset until we rode down the hill in the pitchblack.
Wakeup - Day two.  We are awakened at dawn by Craig on the phone with the airlines...  This is a blog within itself.  Let's just say kids: Make sure you double check your traveldates!  In the end, everything was butters, and we were up shredding bluebird again until night! By now, the temp had dropped and the snow was more like ice, so we banged off our shots and was back at the condo for 12.  After youtubing "slowmotion punch" for an hour, we crashed. Can't wait for another day of serious aspen slaying, and thanks to Melissa Rhines and Greg Boyd for all the help!

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