Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rasman Review - Made it to Venice, Italia !

After some interesting setbacks caused by the simple confusion of the Italian word for diesel, we managed to make it to Venice by sunset. One hell of a "floating city" ! We spent a few hours there, water taxing around and crossing tiny bridges over narrow canals with romance cruisers paddling through them. If ever in Venice, be sure to watch out for the many caniving swindlers, scalpers and other sketchy folk trying to pawn off useless items too you. Once you show the slightest interest, they are like flies on shit. You're the shit.. Anyways, we snatched a ton of amazing photos ( im sure Tifo's are better, but you can wait for the SBC article for those ) . Here is just a taste of the BEAUTY ...


  1. Venice!?? I had no idea you were going there on this trip, looks so sweet!