Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello my name is Vera and I am the new kid on the blog :)

here is a funny story from my second day out with the Alterna- Crew (which was today):

While JF and Vince were building this jump, Rob and I went scouting for some more natural spots. We pinned it across the lake, where another film crew was doing their thing. We checked out another zone but the snow there was super crappy. So we raced back across the lake, next to each other, and last time I checked we were going about 75 mph - and that's when my belt blew. Right on front of that other film crew. Of course Rob took off. (He actually went to talk shit on me to JF and Vince because he thought I had ditched him to go talk to those other boys.)

So here I am, out on the lake, torn apart belt pieces all over me, my sled, and the snow, and some curious boys waiting to see what happens next. It was so quiet, I could hear their thoughts "That's why you don't bring girls out here, man"
The ending is kinda boring. I threw on my spare belt (it actually required a little more force than that), waved my greasy fingers HELLO to those boys, and then took off back to Rob, JF, Vince, and Julien....

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