Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alterna private post showdown shoot...

After a successful two days of shooting the Showdown over the city.  We were invited by Grouse Mountain to hold a private media session. Riders in attendance were Matt Belzile, Craig Beaulieu, Seb Toots, JF Fortin, Chris "hungry balls" Rasman and a few other invitees who all killed it.  

It was an amazing sunset session that did not wrap up until the sun was entirely set.  These are the best types of sessions cause everyone was elevating their game and had a blast doing it.

Thanks to all the Grouse employees that helped us out and big thanks to Mr. Silcock.


  1. from the photo it seem a very good day for shooting: sun + lot of snow. Great!!

  2. Yea the evening shoot went pretty flawless definite gold

  3. Sickness. Especially the *small* crane.

    Can you maybe post a vid someday showing how you film, and with what stuff? I'ld be very interested to see such a kind of making of.

    Cheers, and happy filming.